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Sweeney Todd

Thank you to the actors who appear in our Sweeny Todd photographs:
Peter Huck; Mariam Bernstein, Aaron Hutton, Tim Glendhill ,Cait Wood, Steven Ratzlaff, Wayne Buss!, Brenda Gorlick, Rob Herriot, Tim Blandfield, Sam Plett, Katie German

Photos are courtesy Dry Cold Productions, and photographer Gary Barringer.

About Sweeney Todd

The 2011 Winnipeg Premiere of Sondheims 'Sweeny Todd' was long overdue. Dry Cold Productions, who now own Sondheim in the city of Winnipeg, created a spectacular production and it was a pleasure to be able to create the costumes for Sweeny Todd.  Winnipeg born actor Len Cariou, the original Broadway Sweeny Todd, returned in November of 2011 to perform with Dry Cold Productions and The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in a Sondheim tribute that was amazing.  Any Sondheim fan would have been in seventh heaven to have been at this event. Bravo Dry Cold!

Sweeny Todd was directed by Donna Fletcher, set design Brian Perchaluk and costumes designed by Jan Malabar.

Please click a thumbnail to view full size images of Sweeny Todd Costumes.

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Harlequin Costume & Dance

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